【Half-day Travel Plan】Nature in Kochi

Recommend to nature lovers and those with limited time in Kochi.

①Kochi Travel Plaza「TOSATERASU」 at JR Kochi Station
Start your day off at the Travel Plaza! Located right in front of JR Kochi station, the Travel Plaza contains useful information and recommendations about travel in Kochi.

You can purchase the「MY-Yu Bus」ticket at this station. For details about「MY-Yu Bus」, please refer to the link below. https://sallykochi.com/travel/my-yu-bus/

②Kochi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden
Taking the My Yu Bus from the city center towards Godaisan (the mountain) will get you to this large-scale botanical garden. This garden contains over 3000 different types of plants of all season which makes it a great place for those interested in nature and Botany.

Please see this article (https://sallykochi.com/project/makino/) for more details.


③Chikurinji Temple
In addition to the nature surrounding it, this temple is well-known for being one of the sites of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. The temple grounds are expansive, equally rivaling that of famous temples and shrines in Kyoto.

Please see this article (https://sallykochi.com/project/chikurinji-2/) for more details about Chikurinji Temple .


④Lunch at Café Panorama
Customers can enjoy a great view of the nature Kochi. Please see this article (https://sallykochi.com/project/panorama/) for more details about Café Panorama.


⑤Godaisan Observatory
The observatory is located on the floor above the cafe. Going up the stairs will take you to a truly “panoramic” view of Kochi city and the surrounding nature.

You will be able to enjoy nature and calmness in Kochi by taking 「MY-Yu Bus」 even though without a car.

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