【1-Day Travel Plan】 Exploring Kochi city

Travel within the convenience of Kochi city and enjoy delicious local cuisine!

①Breakfast at Mephistopheles Café

This is a nice cafe within Kochi city. Get a taste of Kochi’s morning culture and find out what else this little city has to offer.

Please see here for more details about Kochi’s morning culture.


②Exploring Hirome Market

Just a 2-minute walk away from Mephistopheles Café, this facility houses many of Kochi’s local cuisines such as Katsuo no Tataki (seared bonito), a popular dish within the prefecture. In addition to various kinds of food, fish and meat shops, visitors can expect to find souvenirs within Hirome Market.


③Kochi-Daijingu Shrine

Walk another 2 minutes from Hirome Market and you will come across a shrine with a golden torii (gate). Other than the golden gate and rooster statues, what makes this shrine unique is the fact that actual live roosters and hens are kept there. It’s a definitely worth stopping by, especially if you’re within walking distance.


④Take a stroll around Kochi castle and the surrounding park

One of Kochi prefecture’s landmarks. As visitors stroll through the city, they can sometimes catch a glimpse of this castle in the distance. Both the castle grounds and the castle itself is worth exploring.


⑤Lunch at Nabeyaki Ramen “Aki-chan”

Be careful when you’re eating this! Cooked in large pot with toppings which usually include green onions, eggs, chicken, raw eggs and more, this piping hot ramen dish is a loved and well-known dish among Kochi locals.

Address: 1F Fujimura Building, 1-22 Masugata, Kochi, Kōchi Prefecture 780-0861


⑥Take pictures at Kochi’s landmark Harimaya Bridge and buy souvenirs in the surrounding area

This rather short, bright-red bridge is another iconic landmark of Kochi prefecture. The surrounding area is also great for souvenir shopping.


⑦Dinner at ~Yagane~

An izakaya-style (Japanese pub) restaurant 10 minutes walk from JR Kochi Station. The restaurant features an assortment of local Kochi dishes for a reasonable price. More details here.

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