Beautiful skin with locally produced Yuzu! Check out Umaji products!

Umaji is a village located in the eastern part of Kochi prefecture. Covered in around 96% of mountains and forests, it is no wonder that this village has an abundant supply of yuzu. Luckily, for those who feel like they don’t have enough time to stop by Umaji to pick up some yuzu goods, Umaji Village Agricultural Cooperative’s branch store is also available in Kochi city.  

Yuzu in Umaji
Kochi prefecture’s abundance in nature, uninterrupted flow of water, and sunlight from facing the Pacific Ocean allows for a prosperous environment for cultivation of yuzu in Umaji Village.

Yuzu has been treasured since old times as a fruit of vitality. It is not only used in cooking, but also in various products.   

Taking advantage of Kochi’s nature and abundance of yuzu, Umaji Village strives to produce quality products. Finally, through trial and error the village was able to successfully create products incorporating the benefits yuzu. At this branch store, visitors will be able to find an array of products made with yuzu.  


As you enter, you’ll be greeted by the a wide selection of yuzu juices and jellies. Definitely try some when you get the chance!

There are also various condiments ranging from yuzu oil, yuzu pepper, yuzu dressing and much more. Yuzu not only goes well with cooking, but also as a garnish to a dish.

Wandering further in the store, visitors will stumble upon this “Gokkun Soft Cream” booth. I’ve had the opportunity to try this once, and can say that it’d be especially tasty in the summer to have something tarty to quench my thirst. The yuzu soft serve is fragrant and has refreshing, unique kind of sweetness. I highly recommend it to any one who has a chance to visit the store.  

In addition to food, yuzu can also be used in other products including aroma oils, bath salts, and beauty products.

Beauty products which incorporate yuzu include soap, toner, lotion, essence, seed oil, face masks and more. 

If you really can’t decide or want to try the product out before committing to a full size, I suggest going for the “Umaji” pouch set which includes a small set of cleansing oil, toner, essence, moisturizing cream, and moisturizing seed oil for a very reasonable price.

The best part is, once the product runs out, you’ll still be able to keep the pouch and put it to good use!

The “Umaji” factory which handles the production process from step one (from research all the way to creation and wrapping), was built in 2010 to bring to customers quality beauty products incorporated with yuzu.

For those who are interested and would like to get their hands on one of these locally-produced yuzu goods treasured since the olden times, we suggest you visit this branch store if you ever find yourself in Kochi!

Umajimura Nokyo Antenna Shop “umaji” 

Hours of Operation:9:30 AM~6:00 PM
Address:7-40 Minamikubo, Kochi-shi, Kochi  780-0087