The Movable Bridge of Tei Port at work in Konan, Kochi

As we were all going out for drive in the area around Kochi city, we were surprised at the sudden bending of what seemed to be a normal road in Konan city.

The driver was the most shocked out of all of us: “…Huh? What’s going on here?”

To our luck, we realized that stumbled upon Tei Port’s symbolic bridge.

A little apprehensive, we inched our way towards the bridge for a closer look.

This is what the bridge looks like from the side.

In awe, we moved closer and closer…

…Whoa! That’s almost a 90-degree bend!

Upon searching, we found that this bridge is known as Teiko Kadokyo or “The Movable Bridge of Tei Port,” (the official name is Kochi-ken Teiko Rinko Doro Kado-bashi which translates to “The Movable Bridge of Tei Port Road, Kochi prefecture”) and that it was built by Kenzan Nonaka of the Tosa feudal domain.

In general, there are many types of movable bridges. Among those, this particular bridge type is called a “bascule bridge,” or a “drawbridge.” Famous bridges similar to this one include London’s Tower Bridge, although instead of both sides, only one side of this bridge opens, making it a rather rare sight even in Japan.

This sign provides visitors with a brief description of the bridge. The bridge itself is about 32m long.

In addition to that, there are a list of times frames (around 7 times per day) nearby in which boats can pass through:

6:30~ 8:00

※There may also be cases where the the time frame may change.

We happened to be lucky enough to come across the bridge during one of those times and couldn’t help but snap some pictures.

As the alarm sounded, the crossing bars began to lower in the distance as the bridge slowly rose.

Once the boats passed, the bridge towering above the road began to lower, returning the road to what it was originally.

It’s starting to look more and more like a bridge again.

The total time for lifting and lowering of the bridge was approximately 6 minutes.
Once it’s safe to cross, the crossing bars were lifted, and the bridge completely returned to normal.

…And, cars are finally able to go across.

Although we weren’t able to get a picture of the bridge prior to it lifting, it was still a great experience to see the whole process.
We should also mention that this bridge is located around a 9-minute walk away from Yasu Station which happens to be the station travelers get off at to visit Yasea Park, a beautiful beach popular among locals and visitors alike. If you happen to find yourself in the area, why not stop by and check out this rare sight?

The Moveable Bridge of Tei Port

Tei Port Entrance, Yasucho Tei, Konan, Kochi Prefecture 781-5621
30 minutes by car via the Kochi Expressway
9-minute walk from Yasu Station via the Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo (Railway)
9-minute walk from Yasu Station via the Tosaden Bus