Trip To unveil the history― The Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Museum

Ryoma Sakamoto, born in Tosa, was a political activist over the end of the Edo period. He endeavored to create a new nation, but passed way before seeing the rebirth of Japan. Ryoma Sakamoto still remains a beloved historical figure to this day. To commemorate him, The Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Museum was opened in 1991 in Kochi city. In 2018, the museum was renovated and a new building was built. In addition to letters written by Ryoma Sakamoto and other related documents, there are also experiential displays allowing people to have fun while learning the history of Japan in the museum.

In the new building, there is a theater playing the story of Ryoma Sakamoto’s life. On the 2nd floor, there are permanent exhibition, John Manjiro exhibition and special showroom.

Permanent exhibition showcases many Ryoma Sakamoto’s documents. In Japan, there are about 100 pieces of Ryoma Sakamoto’s historical material and the Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Museum owns 7 pieces of them. 7 pieces might sound little, but in fact it is a lot for a publicly founded museum. As the authentic materials are difficult to get hold of, reproductions are also in display.

Last piece of authentic letter to the Sakamoto families, hand written by Ryoma Sakamoto.

Bloodstained hanging scroll and screen

In the room where Ryoma Sakamoto and Nakaoka Shintarou were killed, there were hanging scroll and screen stained with their blood.

Clothing worn by Ryoma Sakamoto was gifted to National Kyoto Musem in 1940.

The 2nd floor of the main building is accessible directly from the 2nd floor of the new building. ‘Edo Plaza’, an experiential area is on the 2nd floor of the main building.

On the 2nd floor, history is explained in the format of comic books, making it easier to understand.
Children and adults can have fun while learning history.

There are many backdrops and props designed for photography.

Image on the left shows many Japanese Hiragana stickers. The font is the reproduction of Ryoma Sakamoto’s hand writing. Visitors can make their own name card out of those stickers.

Image on the right is Ryoma Sakamoto’s puzzle.

There are stamps in the experiential display area.

There is ocean view from the roof-top.

In the main building, there is a library on the 1st basement and Edo gallery on the 2nd basement showcasing pictures of about 130 people contemporary with Ryoma Sakamoto.

The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum owns an abundance collections. Additionally, its experiential displays also add another layer of fun. Not only are the fans of Ryoma Sakamoto, history lovers but also children definitely going to have a great time in the museum.

【The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum】

Address:  830 Urado-shiroyama, Kochi City, Kochi 781-0262 Japan
Access: Tosaden Kotsu bus bound for Katsurahama, disembark at Ryoma. Memorial Museum, 2 minute walk.
Open hours:9:00~17:00(last entrance: 16:30)
Admission Fee:700 yen (560 yen)
Between special exhibition periods, 490 yen (390 yen)
* Prices in parentheses are for groups of 20 persons or more
*Admission for high school students and young children is free※Open year-round