The museum of art, Kochi, a wondrous world of art

With the goal to become the center of culture and art in Kochi and to deepen people’s understanding of arts, The Museum of Art, Kochi was open on November 3rd, 1993. The museum’s collection consist of artworks by locally-rooted creators, such as Ishimoto Yasuhiro, Japanese artists and overseas artists, such as Marc Chagall. From time to time, lectures, courses, films and performances are held in the museum hall.

The walls of the building were painted with Tozo painting techniques.
The prominent feature of the museum is the floating architectures at the entrance and the courtyard.

The courtyard was quaint and beautiful.

Large works of art can be seen as soon as you enter the museum.
Local art hall, 4th exhibition room, theater, shop and café are located on the first floor.
The majority of the collection are showcased in 1st ~3rd exhibition rooms on the second floor.

The collection of The Museum of Art, Kochi includes a total of more than 42,000 works. Apart from art works by artists rooted or closely connected to Kochi, the museum is especially famous for housing oil paintings and prints by Marc Chagall and photographs by Ishimoto Yasuhiro, a famous Kochi photographer.  There are different themes being set each year. The display of the collection are rotated according to the theme.

In addition to the two major collections, there are many special exhibitions. On the date of our visit, it happened to be the 25th anniversary of the museum. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, New Painting exhibition was held. Neo-expressionism in 1980s was the theme of the exhibition. There were 20 pieces of large artworks being displayed. Different from Abstractionisms in the 70s, Neo-expressionism put emphasis on the absolute portrayal of violence, death, sex, dreams, history and myths. The vivid portrayal puts viewers in great awe.

Not only the architectural beauty, but also the innovative exhibition make The Museum of Art, Kochi a perfect place for art lovers. If you happen to have time, why not paying visit to this wondrous art center?

【The Museum of Art, Kochi】

Address:353-2 Takasu, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, 781-8123 Japan
Access : From “Harimaya Bashi” station, take the Tosaden Kotsu tram bound for “Gomen”, “Ryoseki-dori” or “Monju-dori”, get off at “Kenritsu Bijutsukan-dori” station (approximately 15 min.) and walk for 5 min.
Open hours :9:00~17:00(entry until 16:30)
Close:December 27 – January 1
Tickets: General:360 yen  Student:250 yen

※Fees vary by exhibition.