1. A day in Kochi: enjoy the vibrant Sunday Market
  2. The museum of art, Kochi, a wondrous world of art
  3. A visit to a 400-year-old sake brewery, Tsukasabotan.
  4. Trip To unveil the history― The Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Museum
  5. Japanese Manga conquer the world!Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum
  6. The Movable Bridge of Tei Port at work in Konan, Kochi
  7. The unique taste of one of Japan’s staple snacks at Imoya Kinjiro !
  8. Spend a relaxing day at Makino Botanical Garden!
  9. Chikurinji: A Shikoku Pilgrimage site that will soothe your heart
  10. Beautiful skin with locally produced Yuzu! Check out Umaji products!