Translation app to help with rescue training

Along with increase of the tourists also comes the possible for injuries and various emergencies to occur. In response to to this, Kochi city held a 6-day training workshop using a translation application in order to help rescuers better communicate with and provide the appropriate services to the injured

There were a total of approximately 70 participants from 9 different fire departments across the city, and participants were able to go through rescue procedures using the application which was launched last April.  

The rescue training featured a scenario role-play with a tourist who was unable to walk after spraining her ankles after falling off one of the stones steps in Kochi Castle.

Once the rescue party arrives at the scene after receiving a report of the incident, they inquire the tourist about her home country. Once they were able to determine that she was a native of Indonesia, they set the application to the appropriate language setting and were able to successfully ask the tourist for more details about her injury and provide the appropriate emergency care.

When asked about his experience, one of the rescuers who participated in the training said: “There has definitely been times where a language barrier made rescues more difficult, so I think having this kind of application will really benefit everyone. We would also like to give those who are being rescued a peace of mind as we’re tending to them.”