Chugei’s Japan Heritage, The 3rd “Yuzu FeS”

Chugei is a region located in eastern Kochi prefecture which consists of 5 towns and villages (Nahari, Tano, Yasuda, Kitagawa, and Umaji). Other than being recognized as a Japan Heritage (stories based on unique regional histories and traditions), the “Yuzu FeS” is an event which allows visitors to experience the charms of the local culture, nature and resources available. This year, the region will be hosting its 3rd Yuzu FeS.

There will be a total of 22 programs at the event ranging from the “Yanase Shinrin Tetsudo Heritage Railroad and Dam Tour” to “Aromatherapy with Yuzu at an Old House Cafe,” “Water Lily planting in Monet’s Garden ,” and more that are only available at the event! In this article, we will be introducing two of the many programs that will be available during this period.

①Shinrin Tetsudo Heritage Railroad and Dam Tour (by car)

In this tour, participants will have the opportunity to see one of the 3 dams in Nahari River (Hiranabe, Kuki, and Yanase) as well as Shinrin Tetsudo Heritage Railroad (designated as 1 of the nation’s 18 important cultural properties).This tour includes a guide and a walkie-talkie to make it easier for participants to listen to explanations even if they are driving in their own car.

Meeting place: Fureai Center, Tano-cho (parking lot)
Reservation deadline: Tuesday, February 26th

※Please make sure you have enough gasoline to last you through the tour!

Similar Activities:
February 17th (Sat.) Yanase Shinrin Tetsudo Railroad and 3-Dam Tour (deadline passed)
March 2nd (Sat.) Shinrin Tetsudo Railroad and Nahari River 3-Dam Tour
March 3rd (Sun.) Shinrin Tetsudo Railroad and Yanase Dam Tour

②Aromatherapy with Yuzu at an Old House Cafe

“Senbuku” is a tea room built towards the latter part of the Edo period. In addition to being designated as a cultural property, this tea room was turned into a cafe 35 years ago. Relax in a historic building with aromatherapy, known as a human heritage with over 3,000 years of history, made with local specialty ingredients such as Yuzu, various herbs and flowers. In this event, participants will be able to learn how to make Yuzu bath bombs and calming room sprays. In addition, visitors can also look forward to enjoying original Yuzu sweets at the cafe.

Meeting place: “Senbuku” Tea room (1305 Tano-cho)
Reservation deadline: Monday, March 4th

How to Reserve:
① Look through this catalogue and choose your desired program.
② Apply via telephone or e-mail (please include your name and contact information)
③ Receive contact from person in charge of the program.

Please contact the Chugei Yuzu and Shinrin Tetsudo Japan Heritage Council

TEL: 0887-30-1865

There are many more unique activities for you to enjoy, so come out with your friends and family and get the full Yuzu FeS experience!

Event Period
Saturday, February 9th ~ Sunday, March 10th, 2019
9:00 AM ~9:00 PM (details of the event are subject to change)
※Reservations start from Monday, January 28th (via telephone or email)
All 5 towns and villages (Nahari, Tano, Yasuda, Kitagawa, and Umaji)
Chugei Yuzu and Shinrin Tetsudo Japan Heritage Council
Notes: Please refer to the official website for details about each program and how to apply.