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SallyKochi is a web magazine dedicated to bringing the rich culture information in Kochi prefecture to an international audience.
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  1. 【Interview】An interview with Tsuyoshi Yoshida, a staff at Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum
  2. 【Interview】An interview with “Kokedama” (moss ball) specialist, Isao Umiji
  3. A day in Kochi: enjoy the vibrant Sunday Market
  4. The museum of art, Kochi, a wondrous world of art
  5. A visit to a 400-year-old sake brewery, Tsukasabotan.
  6. Trip To unveil the history― The Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Museum
  7. Japanese Manga conquer the world!Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum
  8. Morning : A part of the food culture in Kochi

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